The three aspects of industrial property, Patent, Industrial Design and Brand

In this post we will explain, using a real example, the three aspects of Industrial Property, the Patent or Utility Model, Industrial Design and the Trademark.

The example chosen is known to all, the enterprise is BIC.

Business strategy began when in 1951 the French Baron Marcel Bich bought the patent rights to the inventor of Lazlo Biró pen, which so far had not sold. The acquired patent represented a complete change in the conception of writing tools that until then were based on the feathers.

As you might imagine, was a resounding success thanks basically to be a new product exclusive 100%. But success is not only based on the patent but also influenced greatly to industrial design to which the product is welcomed. As can be seen, the design of pens Bic is not casual but is the same polyhedral profile, thereby preventing the pen roll on an inclined surface and falling off the same.

Finally, knowing the need to identify their products with a distinctive symbol for the automatically identification of the same, the company identified all its products with a mark (third aspect of industrial property).

Such has been the business success of the company, which through the use of its brand has dared to explore new markets with the release of products totally unrelated to the initial product; pens. Some of these products are, lighters, razors, single-use, windsurfers or mobile phones.

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