Trademark registration / application in America. Strategy

Registering a trademark in America can be expensive if you don’t know how to do it. In this post we explain how to protect a trademark in most countries of América efficiently.

The countries included in the international trademark should be protected by this route. The international trademark offers through one application get trademark protection in countries designated for that purpose. The American countries likely to be protected in this way are, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, … (the list is growing). The cost of this route is made up of a base rate (high) and a fee for each designated country. This pathway is very economical compared to the national route explained below.

The national route is the alternative to the international trademark. In this case the trademark application should be made directly in each country and consequently the cost is higher.

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In another post we will discuss the Andean union. It is a multinational agreement that allows trademark holders in a country of the Union to provide some protection in other countries without registration.


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